June 2021 Cookout Pics

A big thank you to everyone that came to EAA Chapter 104’s Back from the Pandemic cookout!

Tom the grillmaster.
Tom the grill master.

Thanks to Tom for being the grill-master. He did have help… Bobby and Nancy served a lot of burgers and brats. Additional thanks to those people that got the pavilion spruced up for the event and brought fixins (Rick, Rick, Larry and others).

EAA Chapter 104, Valparaiso, IN
The back-from-the-pandemic cookout.

Chapter 104 is planning on having another meeting next month and are planning to get back to a normal get-together schedule. Prospective members are welcome at EAA 104 events.







2 responses to “June 2021 Cookout Pics”

  1. Gene Clifford Avatar
    Gene Clifford

    I’m wanting to know if 104 will be having a Food Booth inconjunction with Oshkosh.

    1. Ken Litko Avatar
      Ken Litko

      We are trying to figure that out Gene. We will probably be talking about it during the next monthly meeting… July 12th.

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