VFR Transponder Checks

Cessna ARC RT-359A transponder
Cessna ARC RT-359A transponder (beige box), beneath a VHF radio. Source: Wikipedia

From EAA Chapter 104 member Ed Hanson…

We will be doing a group VFR transponder check at VPZ on June 29th. The tech is supposed to arrive at my hangar Q7 at 8:30 am local. We are looking for more participants. […] The fee is $80 plus a split of the $60 travel fee. Last time the guy moved to each hangar to do the check. If you get anyone interested please get a name and phone number so we can keep track. Thanks.

Ed Hanson

Please show up at our June 14th meeting at the KVPZ pavilion or send Ed a message to participate. If you can’t do either of those, please use our contact form.






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