Please take a moment to comment on the LHFE program (Collings Foundation)

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If you have been impacted by the work of the Collings Foundation or any other Living History Flight Experience (LHFE), please take a moment and comment on the the current docket regarding the renewal of the Collings Foundation LHFE program.

From the Collings Foundation…

[…] In the coming months, federal agencies will be reviewing the LHFE program for not only our organization, but many other organizations nationwide who continue to fly vintage aircraft as a part of their educational mission. As these reviews take place, we feel it is important for the voices of those impacted by the Wings of Freedom Tour over the years to be heard. We need to let federal agencies know that the LHFE program is important to you and other American citizens as an educational tool. […]

Rob Collings, An Important Message from the Collings Foundation, October 14, 2019
B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine-O-Nine”
B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine-O-Nine”




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  1. Amy H Avatar
    Amy H

    We need to keep these planes flying and Collings Foundation is wonderful!!!

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