Members needed to staff EAA 104’s National Aviation Day Celebration this Saturday August 24th

Your club needs YOU this Saturday, August 21st…

EAA 104 will have two education stations and members are needed to staff both. One will demonstrate preflight planning and the other will demonstrate preflight aircraft inspection.

Help for those activities and help in the form of demonstration aircraft are needed.

I can bring my plane down again if needed but would like to let other members show their planes as well.

Ed Hanson

EAA 104 is planning to bring down two airplanes and Kyle will be making a coned box on the ramp in front of the pavilion so the public can stay in the box and Kyle can keep the ramp hot.

You can find out more information about the event itself on our events page.

Please contact Ed Hanson directly or use our contact form to contact us if you would like to help out.




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