Pavilion Upgrades – Work Party Saturday June 22nd, 8:00AM

EAA Chapter 104 needs you!

Please show up for the the work party on June 22nd at 8:00 AM. It will involve some excavation plus possible additional work. We are working to arrange for some equipment to do some digging, but we also need volunteers to do some fine digging and grading. Please bring a shovel, earth rake and other earth-moving tools.

Can you only show up for a little while? That’s OK! The more bodies the better.

Come out… volunteer… trade stories.. and possibly even learn something! Plus… there are airplanes right on the ramp! While working you can criticize landings, takeoffs, types of aircraft…. it’s loads of fun!

Please comment here or contact Ed Hanson or Larry Whitlow and let them know you will be there.



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