Mountain Flying Seminar this Saturday May 4th @ KVPZ

This Saturday May 4th @ 10AM! Stop by for some coffee, donuts and Mountain Flying! This seminar is presented by the DuPage FAASTeam and is hosted by EAA Chapter 104. Register online.

Image by Manuel Huber from Pixabay

Flying in mountainous areas is challenging, not only because operational altitudes and winds are higher, but also because weather reporting and off airport landing opportunities are fewer than in other flight environments. This seminar, prepared by the Colorado Pilots’ Association, acquaints pilots with the challenges of mountain flying and offers suggestions for training and additional information. It is informational only and in no way prepares inexperienced pilots for flying in mountainous environments.

From the FAASTeam website

Presented by Dennis Miller ‘Gold Seal ‘ CFI 2018 FAASTeam Rep. of the Year






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