FAAST Seminar This coming Saturday at KVPZ

Join EAA Chapter 104 this coming weekend for a FAASTeam Seminar– Pilot Proficiency and WINGS – and – Stabilized Approach and Go-Around

Go to the event page for more details.

See you Saturday January 18th at 10 AM. Please arrive a little early if you can… there will be donuts!

Stabilized Approach - from www.faasafety.gov
Stabilized Approach – from www.faasafety.gov

Reminder – Hands On! EAA 104 Meeting January 13th, 2020

You do not need to be a current member to attend, new prospective members are welcome.

Current members… Yearly dues of $15 are due. Please remit to Rick Schreiber.

We are meeting at Louie’s Hangar (Hangar N38 @ KVPZ) for some hands on aviation.

This month’s planned topic is:

Compression Testing! Troubleshooting and how to interpret the results.

Compression Testing Aircraft Cylinders
Compression Testing Aircraft Cylinders

At previous HANDS ON! events we have…

1) Had a rivet clinic and drilled out and removed rivets in a wing.
2) Taken apart a metal wing and retrieved the main spar.
3) Taken apart a continental engine.
4) Taken apart a fabric wing.

We are looking for new members! Join EAA Chapter 104 and our local A&P IA for some HANDS ON learning. Message or post if you do not know how to get to hangar N38 at Porter County Regional Airport.

Louie is in hangar N38 on the end with the park bench.

More information on our events page…

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EAA Chapter 104 November 2019 Meeting

EAA Chapter 104 will be meeting at Louie’s Hangar on Monday November 11th at KVPZ at 6:30pm. This month’s topic is planned to be Care and Feeding of your Ignition System… Magnetos to Spark plugs!!

Aircraft Ignition System - Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Figure 7-16 (FAA-H-8083-25B).
Aircraft Ignition System – Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge Figure 7-16 (FAA-H-8083-25B).

FAAST Seminar this coming Saturday October 26th @ 10am

This seminar will be held at the EAA 104 Chapter Room.

The title of the seminar is Controlled Flight Into Terrain and Over-Reliance on Automation. From the FAASafety.gov website:

An over-reliance on automation may be a precursor to a flying mishap, regardless if the flight is in daylight hours or during night flight conditions. General aviation pilots are well-advised to understand the limitations of automation and to maintain proficiency in flight operations with and without automation.

Buttons… dials… little colored light… check!

See you there!

EAA Chapter 104 October 2019 Meeting

The Aviation Pavilion at Porter County Regional Airport (KVPZ). Construction update picture taken 6/2/2019.
The Aviation Pavilion at Porter County Regional Airport (KVPZ). Construction update picture taken 6/2/2019.

Our October 2019 meeting will be at the EAA Chapter 104 club room at KVPZ on Monday October 14th at 6:30PM.

We will be discussing 2019 accomplishments and we will be doing some planning for 2020.

See you there!

See our facebook event page.

Mini Ground School Reminder: Volunteers Needed

EAA 104 Member Ed Hanson wanted to share the following…

Just a reminder we will conduct our mini ground school with the Porter County Public Library System this Saturday September 14th from 2 pm to 4 pm in the Chapter room. At least 6 teens have signed up so far. The topics we will highlight include aerodynamics, aircraft systems and instruments, FAA regulations, navigation and communications, aviation weather, and pilot qualifications. I will do a short introduction talk then if the weather is good we will walk them to the ramp to look over an aircraft pointing out the various parts and instruments.

We will then have whoever wants to talk cover the subject topics. I can cover weather at the end as I can adjust my time to fit whatever is available. Please step up and share your knowledge with the pilots of tomorrow. This is a low key event and everyone usually joins in the discussion. Thanks for your help! Please share this information with other members who are not listed on this email.

Ed Hanson

Please consider volunteering for this event. You can use our contact form or contact Ed directly.

Reminder: EAA Chapter 104 Meeting Tonight, September 9th, plus FAAST Seminar

Our September meeting will include a FAAST Seminar starting at 7pm (registration encouraged). This will be held at the EAA Chapter 104 club room at KVPZ. Arrivals begin at 6:30pm and the seminar will start at 7pm. Regular chapter meeting to follow.

In the seminar, “Preflight After Maintenance,” we will discuss the importance of thorough preflight inspections of aircraft that have just been returned to service. The discussion will include the consequences of inadequate preflight inspections, some common problems that have led to accidents, and what to look for following maintenance.

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