June 2021 Cookout Pics

A big thank you to everyone that came to EAA Chapter 104’s Back from the Pandemic cookout!

Tom the grillmaster.
Tom the grill master.

Thanks to Tom for being the grill-master. He did have help… Bobby and Nancy served a lot of burgers and brats. Additional thanks to those people that got the pavilion spruced up for the event and brought fixins (Rick, Rick, Larry and others).

EAA Chapter 104, Valparaiso, IN
The back-from-the-pandemic cookout.

Chapter 104 is planning on having another meeting next month and are planning to get back to a normal get-together schedule. Prospective members are welcome at EAA 104 events.

VFR Transponder Checks

Cessna ARC RT-359A transponder
Cessna ARC RT-359A transponder (beige box), beneath a VHF radio. Source: Wikipedia

From EAA Chapter 104 member Ed Hanson…

We will be doing a group VFR transponder check at VPZ on June 29th. The tech is supposed to arrive at my hangar Q7 at 8:30 am local. We are looking for more participants. […] The fee is $80 plus a split of the $60 travel fee. Last time the guy moved to each hangar to do the check. If you get anyone interested please get a name and phone number so we can keep track. Thanks.

Ed Hanson

Please show up at our June 14th meeting at the KVPZ pavilion or send Ed a message to participate. If you can’t do either of those, please use our contact form.