Category: Nearby Events

  • Nearby FAASTeam Seminars Coming Up

    Dennis Miller from the FAASTeam asked us to share these upcoming events. Aircraft Performance Calculation: LaPorte KPPO, November 16th @10am Coping With Interruptions and Distractions: Michigan City KMGC, December 7th @10am

  • FASSTeam Seminar at KMGC August 24th

    Use of Weather Information and Preflight After Maintenance From Dennis Miller with the Chicago Area FAASTeam… In the first seminar, Use of Weather Information, we will take a look at available weather information sources for general aviation pilots and offer guidance on making well-informed weather decisions. In the second seminar, Preflight After Maintenance, we will…

  • Hangin at the Hangar @ Sojourner Field

    Every 2nd Saturday of the month (this Saturday) that we at Sojourner field have a “hangin our at the hanger” with donuts/coffee at breakfast & grilled hamburgers for lunch. Also movie night in the evening (Darkest Hour this month). More details can be viewed on the events page of  Carl Lane via Email

  • Sojourner Field: Fly-In / Drive-In Event Saturday, June 8th

    This is not an EAA Chapter 104 event, but is shared for the benefit of the local aviation community. Our first Fly-In Drive-In event at our place, Sojourner Field. Saturday, June 8th. Feel free to stop by. More information at Carl Lane

  • FAASTeam Seminar on April 16th at nearby LaPorte Aero Club

    FAASTeam Seminar on April 16th at nearby LaPorte Aero Club – Mechanics for Pilots – What is an Approval for Return to Service?

  • Upcoming Events at Jasper County Airport

    From Ray Seif – Airport Manager – Jasper County Airport April 20th 10am-Noon Central: We will once again conduct aircraft/aviation first responder rescue training at the airport on April 20th from 10am-Noon. This free course is geared toward showing first responders the hazards associated with responding to an aircraft or aviation accident or incident. The training will be…