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Welcome to Builders Corner
This page is dedicated to our members projects. We have several projects ranging from restorations to complete kits. Every Tuesday ,except for meetings, is builders night. Several of our members get together to help on someone's project. The past few months we have been concentrating on Ed's Kis Crusier.  Ed's making fine progress.  We'll be getting back to the  Howard  when the weather improves.
Kiss Crusier
Ed Hanson started this project a few years ago and it is coming along nicely. Follow this link to see the specifications and more about Eds project.
We received an email from  "Gailin" and he has  flown his KIS in some very unique places.  Visit his blog at  http://www.puertoricoflyer.com/ 

1943 Howard Restoration

Larry Larmon is restoring a 1943 Howard aircraft. The aircraft FAA registration number is NC55434. This aircraft was built in Chicago Illinois at the Benny Howard aircraft factory near Midway airport. We think Larry is the largest Howard collector in the midwest as he owns up to having at least five Howards plus spares.

This plane has a 450 horsepower R985AN6 Pratt & Whitney Canada engine. Fuel burn at 170 mph cruise is about 24 gallons per hour. The engine holds 7.5 gallons of oil. The gross weight is about 4500 pounds with a useful load of 1500 to 1600 pounds.

To learn more about Howard aircraft  visit http://www.howardaircraft.org/  on the internet.
            Watch the Howard Start

 Pietenpol Air Camper
 Rick Schreibers Piets complete
The below photo is by EAA Airadventure 2008.
 Mustang II
John Hack has been building a Mustang II from a kit for the last year.  He hopes to have it on it's gear by this summer.  Additional information about the Mustang II can be found at http://www.mustangaero.com/